About Dab

''DAB'' has many meanings in several languages, such as ''spotlight" and ''beautiful''. As our products are beautiful and you'll always be the center of attention, we found this to be the perfect name for our make up line. Moreover, '' dabben 'go do what you with our products

After months of blood sweat and tears we have finally developed the perfect and affordable liquid lipstick. We are ready to launch our first liquid lipstick line. And believe me, you will be happy.

Our mission is to develop products and colors that look great on all skin tones. So all my beautiful white, brown skin, Asian, and Arab ladies (and gentlemen), we got you!

Of course our products will not be limited to this liquid lipstick line, we continue to develop products and have much more in store for you guys.

So follow us on social media, subscribe to the newsletter and we'll keep you looped in.

Dab Cosmetics